This rarely seen American film is being released on DVD for the first time funnily enough by an Australian company, Bounty Films. This low budget troops-back-from-nam flick has all the charm of a 70's exploitation with serious attempts at making a social statement about war. At times creepy and funny, with bad dubbing over extended wideshots (not sure if this was artistic license or they ran out of footage), juxtaposing music and a violent shoot out climax to rival first blood, it is definitely unique journey.
Thanks to Bounty Films I'll be giving away two copies of this rare gem on DVD at the screening. See you Sunday!


"A bus dumps our returning veterans back into the United States while mournful country & western plays. Joe Don Baker channels Elvis Presley with his puffy-eyed, thick-lipped pouting while their homecoming falls apart around them. A Cadillac is procured. A road trip out west is on the itinerary, where dreams await. At every stop along the way, something happens to dampen the enthusiasm of the returning heroes. Locals cheat them at every turn and grumble about the war. "Back when we fought a war, we didn't come home til the war was over!" growls a gang of grumpy Korean War Vets while Joe Don Baker does the slow burn.Things come to a head during a stop in New Mexico when our boys take all the crap they can swallow and explode in a killing frenzy. "  

 The KITCHEN is open till 8pm.
$5 Burgers (Meat or Veg)
Curly Fries

$10 Jugs of Carlton.

See you there!  


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